Finding your purpose?

Are you confused? Have you lost your purpose, or perhaps you never had one or believe that life has passed you by? Do you feel that you have more to give, but it’s too late to start over? Each and every stage of our lives seems to to have direction: Growing up and our formative years, marriage, family, Career

And then what???………. we continue on the paths that have been given to us, but today we live longer. We are in better health than any generation before us, and with this comes problems.

 Health issues

Financial concerns



And negativity ~ and with negative thoughts you lose confidence! Do you feel that life has passed you by,  that although you may be filling your time, taking care of others, or any number of different things, you feel lost or unfulfilled.

If you look at your life, and say, ‘others have worse’ or “it’s not all that bad”, you’re settling! You have only one life to live and you should be excited, filled with hope and promise so you can live your life powerfully, right until the end!

Remember how excited you were when you were a child?  That inner child is still inside of you, but over time you’ve been knocked down by and bumps along your journey.

                            “What’s missing is your purpose!


Coaching (One ““ On ““ One Support)


I draw from many schools of training, but the one that has been scientifically proven to get the best results is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) pioneered by Dr. Aaron Beck. Simply put, all of us have established ways of thinking that we developed in childhood and how we think, determines our feelings and our actions. When we work together, we talk about the past and work through what is necessary to address. We deal with the baggage but put it behind you so that you can move forward to get your desired results.

During our process, you’ll discover new tools and strategies adapted especially for you. Basically, things do not change, but as you learn to modify your thoughts and combat the negativity, you achieve a shift in your own perspective. YOU change and an added bonus, is when you become more empowered, others feel it and their attitudes changes as well.

This is not ‘Positive Thinking’.

This is “Powerful Thinking’

Sessions are in my Montreal Office

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If you need quick, effective help with a particular issue, coaching is the answer for you.

What would you like to achieve in your work or in your life?

When we work together, we break down the challenges and create a unique action so that you can receive expedient results. We’ll develop simple steps to follow during the process, and you’ll also have the back-up tips and techniques, to carry you through the rough spots as they arise.

Coaching is a quick and effective way to give you the confidence, to do and say the right things and keep you on track, in a minimum amount of time.

Coaching is available on the web, phone or Skype

Let’s get started with a free ½ hr. conversation (Bev link)

What others say:

“You have made a huge difference in my life. I only wish I would have found you sooner.” J.B. Vancouver BC.

‘I can’t believe that after our first conversation, I feel better already. Can’t wait for our next call.” E.H. Sydney Au.



When you need help and don’t know where to turn, a consultation is the answer. If you have a problem with a relationship or family issue, we discuss the issue and challenges, so that you know your options and where to turn. Individuals and family members reach out to me from all over the world.

A consultation is 60 min.

Phone or Skype

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