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10 Irrational Thoughts That Many Women Have

Date : February 19, 2017
Your path to change irrational thoughts
How to change your irrational thoughts!

Irrational thoughts are beliefs that all of us have, but they’re untrue. You can be an intelligent; know better and even dispute them, and others can tell you that it just isn’t so, but deep down inside, you can’t get past what you believe.

These thoughts are interpretations that you’ve made from messages you’ve received from your family, society and culture. Here are some common thoughts that prevent you from being the best you can be.

Common Irrational thoughts

1) I’m too emotional ~

You feel that if you’re upset you’ll lose control. Because of this belief, either you stay silent, break down in anger or burst into tears. Due to this belief you’re afraid to be assertive and have difficulty communicating your feelings.

2) If I make mistakes I’ll look stupid, or I’ll look dumb ~

Mistakes happen and they happen all the time. This may be programmed from your past, but that’s past. Today it’s become an irrational thought, because it’s not true. Think of your errors as part of a learning curve.

3) Criticism means that there’s something wrong with me ~

All criticism should be taken objectively. It may not be personal or have anything at all to do with you.

4) I will never be good enough, so why try ~

When you believe that you’re not any good, you’ve given up on yourself. There are always others who are better than you are at some things. Success doesn’t come over night. Keep at it and keep trying.

5) I can’t change or risk that I might fail ~

If you don’t try, how do you know that you’ll fail? This irrational belief keeps you stuck in dysfunctional relationships, bad jobs, starting businesses, or any major or minor change. The only road to personal, professional or emotional growth is to risk change.

6) When things are good, something will go bad ~

Nothing is either good or bad – there are many shades of grey on both sides. You must be more realistic with your perceptions. Everything must have a balance.

7) If I ignore the problem it will pass ~

You can’t avoid problems. If a situation is not handled, it will resurface at another time. When you face and handle situations as they arise, then and only then will they pass.

8) I must be nice to everyone or I won’t be liked ~

There’s no reason not to be nice to everyone, but being ‘nice’ doesn’t mean that you don’t set boundaries and be assertive. There’s a difference between being ‘nice’ and being a doormat.

9) If I take care of myself before others, I’m selfish ~

Self Care does not mean that you’re selfish. Others make demands based on their needs and only you can determine the priorities. Sometimes, you must make yourself a priority, or you’ll lose your identity and self-respect.

10) The universe is against me ~

This irrational belief is telling you, that no matter what you do, things will go wrong. You’re allowing your past to predict your future. No one can see into the future, so you must move on from the past by letting this thought go.

All of us have these irrational thoughts ~ but remember, they have no meaning. The first step is to be aware that these beliefs block you, but all of them can be overcome. Once you free yourself from what stops your potential, you’ll move your life to the next level, and ultimately ~ you’ll fly.

Have any of these irrational thoughts stopped your success. Let’s discuss how I can help you in a free 1/2 hr conversation.

Have you overcome your irrational thinking? What have you done?

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Beverley Glazer MA., ICCAC., is an eternal optimist, who in addition to coaching and giving women empowerment to unleash their personal and professional strengths, is a therapist, addiction specialist, speaker and consultant, for over 26 years.