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Stop dieting and lose weight without struggle

Develop unstoppable self-esteem and self-worth

Carve a new direction in your career or your life

Overcome difficulties with relationships or family issues

Find a new relationship or reignite and old one

Stop self-sabotaging behavior

Empower yourself with passion, purpose and laughter


I feel honored to help you you rebuild your self esteem and confidence, refocus your life, set boundaries, change your limiting beliefs and take positive, purposeful actions.

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Because I’m not only a Personal Development and Empowerment Coach but also an addiction counselor and therapist, for over 25 years, I’m trained in crisis intervention and I can provide you with an immediate solution. The 60 Minute Solution is for ADVICE, NOT COACHING.
Do you NEED an action plan?
You can talk to me for an IMMEDIATE ’60 Minute Solution’ on the phone or Skype for:

sex addiction
relationship issues

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A reduced price available ONLY on the web. Reg. $265. Online $165.

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