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Find Purpose And Passion In Midlife And Beyond ~ Here’s How!

Date : March 26, 2017
Looking to find purpose on the road of life
Where do you find purpose?

How do you find purpose when you feel that life has passed you by? You always need a purpose. It makes you feel that you’re needed and that you’re life on this planet is worthwhile. A purpose gives you a reason to get up in the morning.

Do you feel that you have purpose today? Are you out of touch with what’s going on; feel too old, or that something is missing in your life? Have you once wanted to make a difference and now you feel it’s too late? Perhaps you’ve devoted your life to your family or your career, and now things have changed.

Do you feel somewhat lost? If this is you, you need to find purpose. You need to find a passion to fulfill you .

You need a new purpose

We’re living longer and we are better educated and healthier than any previous generation. Today, we may not be forced to retire at 65. We can also look forward to having second careers if we want them. Our families can be distant ~ around the country or the world. We are the generation that has to chart a new course. We have no roll modeling for midlife or the new ‘old age’. And because of this you can lose your focus and feel you have no purpose.

You DON’T find purpose

First, let me tell you that you don’t ‘find’ your purpose. You don’t go on a quest with that ultimate goal. It happens. As your life evolves, so does your purpose, and you have to create it.

My life has taken me down many roads, and each bump had its challenges, and each direction had a goal, which gave me purpose. This happens to most of us, but when you’re middle age or older, your life can dramatically change.

Your purpose can evolve and change during your lifetime, but whatever age or stage you are in your life, you still need to be valued and fulfilled.

So if you haven’t felt the ‘joy’ for awhile; that life has been ‘boring’, or that you’re ‘not really living’, here are some tips to point you in the right direction and find a life worth living now.

Tips to Create your Purpose:

Ask your self what you’re good at.

Ask yourself what you love to do.

Ask yourself what your life would be like it you did those things.

Take an inventory of your life, without regret for what you have not done.

Ask yourself how you can fit what you love (or have loved to do) into your life somehow.

Think outside the box ~ ex it may be too late to go to medical school, but it’s not too late to be part of the health care field (and volunteering counts)

Brainstorm all things that you loved when you were a child but didn’t pursue.

Set a goal, and take action towards achieving your dream.

I’m fortunate to be able to make a living helping others, which is what I love to do. Today my work is my passion and my purpose.

All of us need a reason for living and gives you confidence. It motivates you to get up in the morning and it’s what makes you happy and it also makes you smile.

So whether you’re middle age or beyond, remember ~ today is a ‘new age’. It is a new age of opportunity. Take advantage of it with a new mindset.  You are never too old and it’s never too late to find a new purpose and live the life of your dreams.

Do you have a purpose or passion that makes you smile?



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Beverley Glazer MA., ICCAC., is an eternal optimist, who in addition to coaching and giving women empowerment to unleash their personal and professional strengths, is a therapist, addiction specialist, speaker and consultant, for over 26 years.