How to Empower Yourself and Feel Good About Your Body

Date : November 5, 2017
Empower Yourself and Feel Good About Your Body.

How do you empower yourself ~ particularly on the days, when you’re just not feeling that vibe? It usually starts in the morning. You look into the mirror and you begin to notice your flaws. Perhaps it’s your hair, or you’ve gained a few pounds; or you find a new wrinkle that you didn’t see before; or perhaps you’ve gone off your diet, feel bloated and ‘fat’. How do you get back your confidence and empower yourself?

It’s not...

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Find Purpose And Passion In Midlife And Beyond ~ Here’s How!

Date : March 26, 2017
Where do you find purpose?

How do you find purpose when you feel that life has passed you by? You always need a purpose. It makes you feel that you’re needed and that you’re life on this planet is worthwhile. A purpose gives you a reason to get up in the morning.

Do you feel that you have purpose today? Are you out of touch with what’s going on; feel too old, or that something is missing in your life? Have you once wanted to make a difference and now you feel it’s too late? Perhaps...

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Caregivers: Stop The Guilt

Date : March 5, 2017
Caregivers and Guilt

Caregivers are riddled with guilt and no matter how good they are at the job, it’s a daunting task to avoid it.

A recently retired client of mine, whose husband was newly diagnosed with cancer, entered my office this week, completely frazzled and distraught. Not only was she upset by the recent diagnosis, but in a few short weeks, she had become his full-time caregiver.

She drove him to his numerous doctor’s appointments, helped him with chemotherapy treatments,...

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10 Irrational Thoughts That Many Women Have

Date : February 19, 2017
How to change your irrational thoughts!

Irrational thoughts are beliefs that all of us have, but they’re untrue. You can be an intelligent; know better and even dispute them, and others can tell you that it just isn’t so, but deep down inside, you can’t get past what you believe.

These thoughts are interpretations that you’ve made from messages you’ve received from your family, society and culture. Here are some common thoughts that prevent you from being the best you can be.

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Women: Stop Apologizing For 7 Things

Date : February 9, 2017
Stop Apologizing For These Things!

What would happen if you’d stop apologizing? Would it seem as if you’re not a nice person? As women, we have the tendency of wanting to please. We’ve been conditioned and encouraged to do this. As young girls, we’ve been taught to ‘be nice’, and ‘follow rules’. There are many things to be sincerely apologetic, but you need to put yourself in check and pause for a moment, when it comes to these 7 things:

1) Stop Apologizing for how you feel:

We are...

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Dump Toxic People In 4 Simple Steps

Date : February 9, 2017
Dump Toxic People Who Stress You Out!

Who are the toxic people in your life? Are they friends, relatives, colleagues at work? Toxic people are everywhere ~ they’ll never give you peace. They’re spinning with dramas; they complain and they gossip; they can be narcissistic and demanding, criticizing and judging ~ they’re manipulative. And even worse ~ they’ll drain you. You can feel insecure and anxious, and even run away – but that won’t save you. One way or another, if you’re a magnet to...

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Calm Your Anger With 4 Easy Tips ~ No Meditation At All

Date : August 28, 2016


Have you been told that if you don’t calm your anger you’ll have a stroke? Were you advised that you have anger issues? Did you discover that the more you scream and yell the less they listen? Anger affects YOU more than them.

As I write this, I’m thinking of a situation long ago, when my daughter was a young teen. We were at the dentist’s office and our appointment was confused with another. The secretary clearly apologized for the mistake and suggested that...

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Essential Tips To Be Confident In Who You Are!

Date : July 24, 2016


Uneasiness and low confidence can hit you at any time. To be confident in who you are and to make the right decisions all the time is virtually impossible. But if certain situations keep cropping up, and make you feel awkward or uncomfortable, there’s no need avoid them, wishing  they would magically disappear.

Having the basic confidence in who you are, what you say and what you do is essential to achieving joy in all areas of your life.

Here are essential tips to...

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9 Wake Up Tips To Be Productive At Work And In Your Life

Date : July 3, 2016

How can you be productive at work as well as in your life   just like those people you think of in the quote “If you want to get something done, give it to a busy person.” (Benjamin Franklin)  And then there are the others the ones with plenty of time, but are always frazzled and never seem to get it together. They’re disorganized. We all only have 24 hrs in a day.

Having a 9-5 job is helpful, because you’re forced to keep to a schedule.   However, if you’ve...

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Tips For A Positive Attitude, When Nothing Will Work!

Date : June 19, 2016

You know you should have a positive attitude.

You know you should look on the bright side and that positive thinking works. You’ve been told on many levels that those with a positive attitude towards life, have less stress, resort to less alcohol consumption, over-eating, gambling and other self-sabotaging behavior. Those who see the ‘glass half full’ have better coping strategies and have an easier time overcoming adversities, so why do you go back to your ‘default’...

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